Let me first say – what is there not to love about Durango? If you need convincing, I’ll be happy to oblige!  You have the views, the restaurants, the people, the adventure… you get the idea!  From the moment you enter Durango, it is hard to deny the cozy, small town vibe. Don’t let it fool you because Durango is jam-packed with amenities and brimming with life.

Here are the top ten reasons to buy real estate in Durango:

1. Lifestyle

There is a reason Durango almost always has a place at the top in “Best Places to Live” contests.  The lifestyle is unbeatable.  You have the option of going out into the mountains and being completely alone with nature, going kayaking down the beautiful Animas River with friends, or enjoying a lunch accompanied downtown.  There really is nothing like it!



2. Weather

When some people think of Durango, they think of the wet winter days. What most people do not know is that on average Durango has 266 beautiful, sunny days! That means for almost ¾ of the year you are getting sun!  Another plus is you get to experience all four seasons in their most stunning forms.   We get the crisp golden leaves in the fall, the shimmery white mountains and snow-capped trees in the winter, a spring filled with wildflowers and a Summer that could not be more perfect (temperatures rarely rise above 90).

3. Housing Market

The housing appreciation went up by 0.9% in the last year! This means that the value of the homes are increasing! Real estate in Durango has seen even bigger gains!  And the appreciation is projected to increase even more over the next few years. If you want to turn a profit when you sell, now is the time to buy!

4. Economy

Durango is one of the few towns that is under the national unemployment rate. The U.S. is at an average unemployment rate of 5.2% whereas Durango is at 3.6%. This means that jobs are booming in Durango. Durango is rated the third best state in the country for making a living by Forbes magazine.

5. Commute time

Since the town is smaller, you save time on your commute. Traffic may occasionally include a herd of cows being relocated or a group of deer blocking the way, but it’s nothing like rush hour traffic in a city.  Even with a major construction project or a snowstorm, Durango has traffic running pretty smoothly!  The average commute time in Durango is around 15 minutes.

6. Schools

Schools in Durango spend more money on their students than most other cities and even states. The average student to teacher ratio in Durango is 16:1 which is below other states that are at 30:1 or even more. Durango has a plethora of educational choices from public schools to private faith-based schools.

7. Health Care

La Plata County has many of the top-rated healthcare facilities with an excellent score in patient services. It may be a small town, but there are many places for all your healthcare needs. With all the adventure you can have here, it sure is nice to have a safety net to catch you!

8. Community

Whether you like to play sports, read, be inside or be outside; it is nearly impossible to not make friends. The community around Durango is undeniably friendly.  It’s one of the most frequent observations I encounter from tourists.  You are guaranteed a welcoming conversation, smile or a wave from a fellow Durango resident with every outing you make.

9. Restaurants

There is nothing that you will miss out on in Durango when it comes to food. Your taste buds can enjoy Mexican, American, Thai, Chinese, or just about any other cuisine you can think of. We have more restaurants per capita than San Francisco!  And with a super competitive market of over 200 restaurants, you would be hard-pressed to find one you didn’t like! We have also been nicknamed the “City of Brewerly Love” with six local breweries, more than a few local wineries and two distilleries!  If you like good food and good beer, you will find it just about everywhere you look in Durango.


Perhaps the most glaring reason to move here – the views!  The views of Durango are unmatched and all-natural. From majestic mountains to sacred monuments, there is much to be explored.  You don’t even have to go hiking to see some of the most spectacular views around town.  A drive up to Fort Lewis College gives you a bird’s eye view of Durango and the mountains that encompass it. 

What are you waiting for?!  Real estate in Durango is highly-coveted and for good reason!  I can help you find a home you will love and I promise to give you incredible service beyond the sale!  Call me, Jeff Reynolds, at (970) 403-4008 or view some of my featured listings!

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Photo Credits: Header Image – Hank Blum Photography and Fort Lewis Picture – Youniversity TV